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Spiderweb tattoos

I got invited to a witches tea–And I live by the motto go big or go home (usually I pick go home) but this time I decided to go big! I had this cool tattoo paper from Silhouette . I actually have used this before on my son’s spider infestation costume. But Silhouette has new colors–white, […]

Silhouette media you didn’t know existed (and fun projects to do with it!

It’s NO secret I love love love my Silhouette CAMEO® ! It’s one of my most used items in all of my craft room! I do sometimes get stuck in a rut and cut vinyl after vinyl and occasionally switch to cardstock to cut out paper flowers…. but recently I headed over to the Silhouette […]

How to make paper flowers

  The other day (and when I say other day I mean about 4 months ago) I hopped on  facebook and did a facebook live of how to make fun paper flowers! And now I’m finally getting around to blogging about it!   I did add the video for your viewing pleasure! But all the info is […]

silhouette promotions!

This is perhaps the best promotion ever…… ever. you can get your hands on alllll this crap…. ·         1 cardstock essentials pack (new product) ·         1 pack printable adhesive kraft paper (new product) ·         1 pack printable clear sticker paper ·         1 pack temporary tattoo paper ·         1 pack printable cotton canvas (new product) ·         1 pack chipboard ·         1 pack printable […]

toothbrush organizers

I finally realized why God created sisters…. most think it’s so you have a friend through everything. someone to hold your hand…to cry with…to laugh with.. but I think it’s so you can do to their house and knock off their crafty ideas and post about them on your blog and get credit. (insert evil […]

silhouette’s new promotion heat transfer and some cute pillows!!!

this will prolly be my last promotion with sihouette for awhile! so it’s now or never people! today is heat transfer! this fun starter set is what i got… comes with all this: the download card has a bunch of really cute images on it!!! and the hook is a MUST for that smooth vinyl! […]

blankets and intials…

i like making baby blankets—they are fast and easy (as long as you steer clear of the faux chenille) they are small so it’s not too expensive. and there are the CUTEST baby fabrics out there just i itch to use!!! but I really like to make my blankets special. cause let’s face it..you can […]

fabric interfacing deals…and a silhouette portrait GIVEAWAY!!!!

today is your lucky day….i’m giving away a silhouette portrait….(it’s down at the bottom) BUT FIRST! i want to talk about the current deal silhouette has got going on! (to get these great deals–go HERE and use the code KIMBO!) okay. so back when i first got my cameo..i was cheap and didn’t want to […]

personalized tote bags….and a kid craft monday….

let’s pretend i couldn’t post this before mother’s day cause i didn’t want to ruin the surprise for my mom. (which is not true…i was just a slacker and i haven’t even given my mom her package yet…so mom, go away. see…story 1 makes me sound better) but i had my kids make these cute […]

silhouette chipboard!

today i’m showing you this fantastically fun new item from silhouette….CHIPBOARD! this stuff is so cool (and if you were to buy premade chipboard shapes from the scrapbook store they can be expensive!!!!) but you can get 25 sheets for a great price! the boards are thin enough to have your cameo (or portrait) or so […]