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Candy flower bouquet

We actually made these candy flowers for my daughter’s teacher for Valentine’s day! But they are also perfect for Mother’s day or birthday or just because…chocolate is the universal gift! So easy! Just check out the video! Here are the supplies I used: You can use whatever candy you want….but you will want something round […]

Happy Mother’s day!

    this was last years and the year before and this printable is one of my favorites!

Mother’s day sign from kid’s handwriting

This month theme for Expressions vinyl is MOTHER’S DAY! It’s sneaking on us fast! I have an adorable little craft!  (P.S. There is a giveaway for $50 to Expressions! Scroll down to enter!) (this post may contain affiliate links)   My daughter writes these notes for us ALL THE TIME. It’s the first sentence she […]

Stacked name bracelets-

I just got a copy of the most fun jewelry book! My friend Bev wrote it! (you can buy a copy HERE) It’s awesome! I love 30 minute anything (low attention span!) So I love that you can whip up fun jewelry quickly!  and there are so many amazing ideas! I love them all!!!  It […]

Happy Mother’s day!!

For the past few years I have shared some mothers day quotes on Mother’s day…(go HERE for last year…and HERE for the year before.) It’s a fun tradition I wan to keep up with! Here is 2015 free mother’s day printables! I found these watercolor flowers HERE 

Apron made from two fat quarters and Expressions Vinyl

I’ve got a super duper easy apron/sewing project for you…that would be amazing for a mother’s day present! and it only involves 2…and a half things)  You need two fat quarters…and some heat transfer! (this sis the half…fun iron on vinyl is actually optional…but SUPER cool to customize it with! I get all mine from […]

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

There is nothing I love more than being a mother. (not even blogging.) yup. pretty serious stuff. My three kids have been such a blessing in my life and i can’t imagine my life without the constant kisses,  laughter, and unconditional love that I feel for my children!!! i ran into this quote….and loved it so […]

What moms really want for mothers day.

(this was posted as a guest post….but i find it applicable for mother’s day! So i revamped it…and added some free printables) and i recently had a birthday.(i will save you the rant about how i hate birthdays…) but i had one. and you know…as a mom….it’s not like your birthday is really fantastical. i […]

Happy Mother’s day (and father’s day…cause it’s coming up fast!)

so…the older i get…and the older my parents get…the lame (r) my presents get. Unless they ask for specific things….i just give them money or gift cards. But just cause I’m predictable doesn’t mean it can’t look cute! I used the cute dress dollar bill oragmi from HERE the heart from HERE and since father’s […]

mom (and grandma) badges *free printable*

I thought these printables would be so fun and easy for church or a class! you can just print out the badges already done and just have them write in what they love about their moms (and i included grandmas too)…. or you can make your own with crepe paper (kinda like HERE). (“cause she […]