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let’s get organized Game edition!

it’s time for another edition of…. Today we are going to organize our games. We LOVE board games (go here to see our favs)  AND they can quickly get out of hand (my husband was like…isn’t this supposed to be a linen closet…. ha!) But let’s tame those games. The boxes that the cards come […]

Let’s get organized! new series!!!

Okay…we have a new series…that I wanted to start at the beginning of January…but since i need to take my OWN advice and get organized  it’s coming to you late! (for future reference…every time you see this picture..you MUST sing it…) Here is the jist…I’m going to pick one spot of my house I want […]

house cleaning tips. and yes. this is serious.

I’m a neat freak no  really. I am. I know I post pictures of my messy desk…..but that’s always right before I clean it up. and I make mad messes when I craft…but that’s just part of the process… I blogged about my bloggy routine…. and  I thought I would get down and intimate (not like that!) and tell you how I keep […]

organization shout outs!!!!

This post may contain affiliate links! My last house was small. RIDICULOUSLY small. And I have crafthoarderitis–so I had to get reallllll creative with my storage ideas! I quickly realized that the backs of door had lots of space that could be utilized with a $9 over the door shoe organizer! SO MANY IDEAS! from the […]