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Favorite things Giveaway!

Who wants to win big!!! I’ve rounded up my favorite of favorites and one lucky agaagg reader is going to win it!!! Just a quick thank you to let you know just how much I love my readers!!! Here is what one lucky reader is going to win! A letterboard (with letters!) $25 gift card […]

$1000 Rug Expedition gift card!

  Hello guys! I am so excited to announce an awesome giveaway today! To show my appreciation for all my amazing readers…Today I am teaming up with some fabulous blogs to give away……… A $1000 Gift Card from Rug Expedition! Brought to you by Rugs Expedition and the following amazing bloggers: The Crafting Chicks – Prodigal Pieces […]

BIG HUGE Favorite things Giveaway!

  For more details on my giveaway, scroll below the collage. Below are the 30 different gifts from 30 of my favorite bloggers–and you can enter to win one or ALL of them! So many awesome items up for grabs! To enter my giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway   Click on each person to take you to their […]

My favorite things giveaway

Every year…on the day that should not be named…. I like to celebrate my lack of enthusiasm of getting older with a giveaway to YOU! I’ve rounded up all of my most favorite things and one lucky person will get the loot! We have vinyl from expressions vinyl an amazing bracelet from charmed collections sharpies […]

GREAT organization giveaway!

The New Year means new goals for many…and a lot of people take this opportunity to get reorganized and refocused in the New Year. Today I have teamed up with a great group of bloggers to give you over 45 home organizing solutions for your household! Each blogger is sharing their favorite organizational products. and some […]

Who wants to win $600 to AMAZON!!!!

I love you guys so much! I get all sentimental whenever I think about my readers! and I love to reward you–with A $600 AMAZON GIFT CARD!   I could literally redecorate a whole room for $600.(you know minus the couches and beds and major appliances) You could buy yourself that new camera you’ve been eyeing…A […]

Favorite things giveaway!!!

  Guys! I’m So excited for this giveaway! Tis the season for crazy busy filled days! So me and a bunch of blogger friends have gotten together to give you guys away some fun during the holidays! We have each assembled out favorite things…Que Julie Andrews And we are each doing our own separate giveaway WHICH […]


So I have a big giant $600 amazon giveaway HERE—but I want to keep the fun going! Who wants to win a Kitchenaid…color of their choice!? It’s Cupcake Diaries blogiversary! to help her celebrate we have all rallied together to give someone the best kitchen tool ever! I use mine like once a day…and that’s […]

oh..you know…just a GIANT GIVEAWAY!

You know…Monday’s blow. They really do. So let’s start this one off with a BANG and do some giveaways!  Who wants to win $600 Amazon.com Gift Card!? Pretty much everyone…! I do 90% of my Christmas shopping on Amazon. (I still can’t purchase clothes from Amazon–I have to try on and touch and feel!) But everything else […]

It’s my birthday.

and per tradition…I celebrate by giving away bunches of crap! I usually do giveaways all week…really random ones like the person who picks my favorite candy bar wins, or if your name is Kim…but this year we are simplifying it! 6 giveaways…all here…enter once! Giveaway #1…black white and gold! a cute little wallet, tag, necklace, […]