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My new adventure.

Guys. This is not a craft! I pinky pinky pinky promise that this blog will be back to glue gun love tomorrow. (I’m currently editing 100 photos of my daughters room!)

But I recently decided to dip my toe in another pool besides AGAAGG (cause I have so much extra time…(eyeroll))…and I just wanted to share what my new adventure is!



10 points if you literally just made a drum roll noise!)

Rodan and Fields! 

How many did I lose? I know. I know. I’m not a seller. I’m not a pusher. I totally have a no soliciting sign on my front porch. But I just wanted to write a blog post on the what and why–because I honestly didn’t know Rodan and Fields existed a few months ago…and now I’m here…totally out of my comfort zone telling you all about it.

Let’s talk What…and then Why.

It’s actually pretty simple. (that plays into Why I jumped on r+f board! )

It’s a skincare regimen. Life changing skin care. You have heard of Pro Active right? (cue Jessica Simpson commercials) The two amazing ladies that created Pro active…are Rodan and Fields. (aka..skincare experts)

And this is why I love it…Let’s say you have sensitive skin and/or redness….SOOTHE

Let’s say you have acne (adult acne is thing…cause I have it.) UNBLEMISH

How about wrinkles and large pores (also me. zits, wrinkles and gray hairs. What did I do in a previous life to deserve this?)  REDEFINE

Dullness? Discoloration? Stubborn dark spots?  REVERSE



Okay..I literally could show you befores and afters all day!  You can actually take a quiz to find out the regimen that will work best for you! Go HERE!

But it’s so nice and easy! They have extra’s as well: Amazing eye cream, hydration serum, lash boost, sunless tanner! (p.s. the lash boost is AMAZEBALLS)

But the nuts and bolts are the regimens!

It’s also color coordinated. Everything blue is redefine-Orange is reverse  Green is soothe, Purple is unblemish and red is extras!

Idiot proof!–(and I only say that because I’m idiot and I love that it takes the guess work out it!)

Let’s get to the WHY


Like I said… I’m not a natural born seller! I kind of loathe it actually. But as I’ve grown older my skin has really taken a hit! Too many days in high school laying out tanning with my sun in maybe!? But my acne hasn’t gone away and my pores are large. Like don’t stand to close to anyone large….and I’m starting to get wrinkles. I laugh…and stop squinting my eyes..and the lines are STILL there.

And I spent a Ridiculous amount of money at Ulta this past year. Trying all the new “it” products to minimize pores, hide wrinkles, smooth out skin. I feel like I’ve tried it all. Finally I decided to STOP trying to hide the problem..and FIX the problem!

and Guys. It’s AMAZING. So AMAZING that I swallowed my nerves and jumped in with both feet! I only heard about rodan + fields because my neighbor mentioned it. And I feel like I’m on social media A TON. WAY TOO MUCH. and if I hadn’t heard about it…than probably you haven’t heard about it! And I didn’t want anyone to feel like I did…throw on some big sunglasses and 12 pounds of foundation and secretly wish snap chap filters were a real thing–Hoping that the person you ran into wasn’t staring at your skin! Skin can make or break it!

I won’t be posting on my blog again–(cause it’s a craft blog!) But I started a facebook page (head here)

and an Instagram page (head here) if you want to stay in the know or ask questions or see some more amazing before and afters!

And  you can click over and take a look around HERE!

It will give you prices on each thing! Let me give you a little heads up–if you are serious about your skin care –the preferred customer is the way to go! You pay a one time fee of $20–and you get this:

The free shipping and 10% off is WORTH IT!


Also…there is a limited time special–cute little travel sized bottles and hydrating serum with your regimen. See it here! 

oh…one more thing…


60 day money back guarantee! 


You can always email me at kimbowest 21 @ gmail.com if you have any questions!



If you are looking to jump in both feet and start selling Rodan+ Fields–email me! I would love to have you on my team!!!


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