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25 super funny Garden signs

I can’t garden. I do NOT have a green thumb. I’m pretty sure I am growing weeds in my pot (but it’s so tall so I can’t pull it out!) But that does not mean I can’t totally appreciate a good garden sign!

25 hilarious signs to put in your garden

Gosh darn you! grow_thumb2

I tried. it died.  e5304c70e9e9c2683f4407201629d0d9

dirty hoe 1248

your feet are killing me…literally. il_570xN.335307501

So so excited! greenhouse sign - 21 grow. a933817be9253091d6e4108aaa593d8f

dig it.


don’t stop get it get it. IMG_0601-001

Reap! db1c1f9cf55d6bcb446b276c2a12d139



fair warning! il_570xN.766865382_91sy


come ring by bell (it’s broken!) ring_bell_1024x1024


They bite! tumblr_m6pz2pDA6R1rzi3zko1_1280


front (1)


It happens to the best of us! P1030353



composted tresspassers-will-be-composted-1

It’s true…it does. il_570xN.328338419

Cracks need not apply.



I have loads of exotic herbs


darn lawn.  il_570xN.926651259_jyag


They don’t judge either garden sign


plantus unknownus plant





I do. 480632be090ef3bd7b3223a8210ccc25

Weedin! garden of weeden


Believe in tomorrow (not so much funny…but I love it!)



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