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Halloween treat boxes

These treat containers were part of Eighteen 25 Spooktacular September! They are so fast you can still whip them up and surprise your kids by putting them in their lunch boxes!
Fun Halloween Treat Containers bat treat bag Take a rectangle of fun patterned paper (size can vary depending on candy size!) rectangle of paper and hot glue to make a tube… make a tube On one end you will add another line of hot glue
hot glue the ends and pinch it close!  pinch close Then the fun part–decorate!!!I made mine the perfect size for fun size candy bars- treat containers

And using double sided paper makes the inside just as fun!
treat container You can hot glue them closed after adding the candy–or just leave them open!


And now for some photo overload:  cute and easy monster box Frankenstein design They are the perfect size to sneak in my kids school lunches!  witch halloween alien halloween treat bag Halloween treat boxes halloween gifts Make sure to check out some other fun Halloween posts!

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