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Halloween frame with a fun surprise!

This post is brought to you by Plaid and BluePrint Social, but all ideas and opinions are my own.


I got a fun package in the mail….full of Apple Barrel Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint plaid halloween paint colors

  • Same results as the Original Apple Barrel paint with the added value of multi-surface coverage
  • Indoor/outdoor and dishwasher-safe
  • Satin Finish
  • Great for tin, terracotta, paper mache, canvas, wood, plaster, rigid plastic, fabric, concrete, glass, and ceramic!

I love that I can jump between painting wood to painting something else all using the same paint! And it’s gloriously thick and covers like a dream! I had this wood frame I picked up for 50 cents at a yard sale… old frame with paint

and turned it into this…

Halloween frame with a glow in the dark surprise

I loosy goosey covered it with clover field green and outrageous orange paint paint halloween picture frame


and after it was dry I went over it with black and dark granite . There was no rhyme or reason to my painting…just gray here, black there. black halooween decorations after THAT dried…I took some sand paper and sanded some spots. It adds a real fun distressed look–and the pops of green and orange really show through! sand paper edges

Then comes the fun part…

Mod Podge Glow in the Dark–It totally makes your crafts GLOW! (For extra glow, just add more coats) mod podge I didn’t even know it existed!! life changing!! I blobbed it on the corners (I was going for dripping blood effect) glow in the dark mod podge


It dries clear–but since my coats were big and blobby you can see some of the mod podge! It looks like spiders webs/dust on the frame so I’m totally okay with it!

mod podge

I painted a piece of cardboard to put in the frame
painted eek picture

So during the day you have a cute sign… Halloween decorations but when the lights go out….ekkkkkk! glow in  the dark


(p.s. This stuff glows AMAZING–but its the hardest thing to get a picture of! I only took about 200! and these blurry ones are the best I could get –mental image of me crouched in my closet with the door closed taking photo after photo)  glow in the dark blood  


You can swap out the picture for a picture of your kids–or whatever you fancy!

boo black frame

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