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4 gifts that teachers ACTUALLY want (told by teachers!)

I’ve said it once…and i will probably say it about 200 more times. It takes a special person to be a teacher (and a nurse)

So when teacher appreciation week is around…I like to shower those teachers with gifts…

and when I went in on Christmas to pick up my daughter…I saw about 15 bath and body works soaps and lotions on the teachers’s desk! And i thought…surely they  has to got to be a better gift! So I asked all the teachers I know (and some I didn’t know…thanks facebook!) and I’ve got the top 4 gifts that teachers ACTUALLY want!

Here is what they said they get a lot of:

soaps, lotions, chapsticks, hot cocoa mugs, and socks (not that these are necessarily bad things…but all things in moderation!!!

the top 4 gifts that teachers really want


personalized gifts One teacher said the sweetest thing: “We spend lots of time getting to know the kids in our class…so it’s fun when they get to know us as well”

These getting to know you surveys are awesome! Give one to your teacher and you have gifts that will last you all year long!!!  108 copy source

teacher surveys source



After you have a fun survey you can buy them gift cards to place they love…buy them some treats …surprise them with their favorite drinks…

this pop printable goes great with any kind! web-teacher-pop-quiz-appreciation-762x1024

and luckily you can get on pinterest and probably find printables that go with any thing and every thing!

One teacher said that a mom found out that she was saving for a bosch mixer….so she got all the parents together and they all chipped in to get her one! How sweet and thoughtful is that!!!

Get to know your teachers~! I drill my son and I know his teacher loves coke (cause she always has it on  her desk)

#2 supplies

Most teachers buy supplies out of pocket. I know we have school lists of supplies to get at the beginning of the year…but think about how much use they get! Dry erase makers look nice for about 3 days in my house!!!

One teacher specifically mentioned SHARPIES…in all fun colors!


source Back-to-school-teacher-gift source

We went through these clorox wipes like kids and candy in my daughter’s kindergarten classroom!!!



Highlighters for a BRIGHT year


source teacher-gift_sharpies


how about a ream of paper??



dry erase markers are awesome teacher-appreciation-gift-p


fun post it notes


source 102_8790


glue sticks


source teacher_appreciation_printable




source 8759450272_c0a4346c7c_b



In-My-Book-Youre-Top-of-the-Charts-STML-2 source

teacher-appreciation-gift-cheap-cute-easy-inexpensive-practical-clorox-wipes-2 source

If you need help…walk down the aisle of Staples…I could drop $300 on paperclips and post it notes!

#3 gift cards

Teachers are people too…they shop at target, eat out, go to the movies, download dumb games on their iphone…So give them a gift card!!! (Lots of teachers said gift cards to walmart or other stores and then they could buy school supplies they need!)

once again…thanks to pinterest..whatever place you want to get a gift card too…there will probably be a printable for it!

Printable+Target+Gift+Card+Holder source



teacher-appreciation-movie-gift-at-tatertots-and-jello source


source chickabug_teacher_appreciation_cards



source Simple-In-N-Out-Teacher-Appreciate-Gift-375x500




source teacher_appreciation_redbox_printable


#4 thank you note

Bless those teachers hearts~Almost every single one of them said a simple thank you note would be awesome! Nothing is cuter than seeing a 1st grader write a thank you note!  (I remember my daughter wrote, “Thanks you for lerned me this yer.” )

I have some fun coloring thank you notes here:


and an honorary mention:


(do the survey in #1 and find their favorite treat!)

but chocolate was mentioned quite a few times!!! One teacher said her favorite gift was a specialty caramel apple.

(I will mention that one teacher says she personally doesn’t eat homemade treats!)

Now…I’m not saying you aren’t allowed to get your teacher this “tote ally ” cute bag. IMG_2088

Or make an amazing sign for their classroom. IMG_4438edit

Or something totally fun for their door teacher-classroom-ruler-burst-sign

or a keychain key-to-my-success-teacher-gift-a-girl-and-a-glue-gun

They love stuff like that! Here are some others that were mentioned by teachers:

Lanyards or keyfobs, books for the classroom, amazon gift cards,


I will end with this from a wise teacher

“Best gifts are those that show an understanding of teachers as people and the demands of our jobs”

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