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another guest post–and #puttingthechristinchristmas update!

tis the season….for cheap and easy gifts for neighbors and friends!!! today i’m over at ucreate (can i get a holla cause I love them so much! first blog I read and I still get star struck anytime I think of them!)  go HERE to see my easy idea…and for the free printable.

cookie dough printable


and I wanted to give you an update on how our #keepingthechristinchristmas is going (read about it here)

well….it’s basically turned me into an old bawlbag. I can not keep it together. but other than that…we are really having fun with it.



we have emptied out our piggy banks and loose change and took it the “bell ringers”

Sorted through old books to donate.

Took a guy a treat that puts on the best light/yard christmas display.


and since we mentioned ucreate up above…..they came up with a great blessing bag idea:

we are doing this tonight for family home evening!!

and I have a couple stories…

first…the kids spent the weekend going through their stuff..pulling out old clothes and toys that they no longer need. I’ve been looking for a home for them that will benefit someone in need…(last resort was the thrift store!) anyways, we had 3 little pony village house thingambobos. and we decided to sell them on facebook to make money to buy a new present for the toys for tots campaign (they only accept new unwrapped gifts) and ti sold.

When I went to meet up with the lady….she ends up telling me that she buys toys for this group she is a part off…about 30 kids who need everything…all sizes and ages..and they are grateful for ANYTHING. hello lap…how do you like the opportunity that just landed into you? I kinda feel like everything is falling into place. The more I search out service..the more opopportunitiesrise…(okay…they were probably all around the whole time but i’m just noticing them now! It’s amazing how much you see when you aren’t staring down at a computer! ha!




We are trying to volunteer to be a bell ringer….i found this website…but didn’t work at Idaho! so the hunt continues…


Also Brassy apple found a  few more people who would LOVE some letters! go HERE



and one last story.

The other day I found myself at the grocery store checking out. There was an older lady ahead of me that was getting done checking out and about ready to swipe her card. I noticed she hadn’t even started bagging her groceries. (cause this is a store where you do it yourself) I thought, I should offer to do it for her.– then I thought, No, she’s probably anal like me and has a certain way she likes to do it. Then I thought, just do it. Then I thought, she only has a few, it won’t take her long…” I’m super shy- so I kinda did an inner wrestling with getting over my fear of stranger danger (i’m pretty reserved in real life.)

Before I could stop my mouth, it had blurted out, “can I help you bag your groceries? Is there a certain way you like it?” and she said, oh that would be so nice, just the vegetables with the vegetables. So I bagged her groceries and put it in her cart. She told me thank you as she grabbed the flour (which was the last thing on the belt.) I could tell that she was injured…and she told me she must have broken her collar bone or shoulder or something and she had been trying to see if it would just heal without going to the doctor. She said it had been 5 weeks and she was going to give in and go to the doctor. Off she went and I returned to my few groceries and checking out.

As I stood there, I realized that she had a bag of dog food on her cart and if she could barely pick up a bag of flour how in the world was she going to get that dog food in. I threw my groceries in a sack and ran out to find her just unlocking her van. I asked if I could help again. As I loaded up her van, she told me that last time she had got dog food it had taken her 30 minutes to get it in her car! what took me 30 seconds would have taken this poor lady 30 minutes.
I literally went and sat in my car and cried. (I’ve been such a boob lately)

This little story has touched me deeply. I always seem to talk myself out of things…being too shy, or thinking i’m too busy, or maybe i’m bugging them. Thinking that if people need help they will just ask. Well, this lady would not have asked. She would have just sat in the parking lot and struggled for 30 minutes. I do not think it was a coincident that i ended up behind her. Can you imagine if I would have let my shyness win and just carried on with my day?

Do you find yourself getting in your own way? Talking yourself out of things? Justify not doing things? Thinking that a plate of cookies is dumb. a compliment is not a big deal, A visit to someone would bother them? Cause I do. All. the. time. I’m so grateful my mouth didn’t shut up this time!

By small and simple things, great things are brought to pass.

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