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Spider web frame

So. I scored this awesome spider (go here) from the adorable Jill Bauer (catch her on QVC You’re home with Jill!) It has bendable legs…and it freaky…and awesome (aka freaking awesome)

giant spider


We played with it quite a bit…having it climb up the mantel…on the front door…even wearing it like a hat! But I knew the spider needed a real home! So I whipped up a Spider web frame!


spider web frame how to

I had an old frame that I got at a thrift store and just used some string and hot glue to create the web!
spider web how to

I went across and hot glued each end. then started at the middle and went around tying it to each string as I go. how to hot glue a web frame

Then added Harry. (yup. we named him harry)  giant bendable spider

You can totally wrap the legs perfectly around the frame!

make your own spider web with string spider frame1 halloween mantle hallowen decor

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