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light box…diy

as a blogger….
no scratch that. as a LAZY blogger
i sometimes find myself in a time crunch.
ie…post is due tomorrow and I was busy or a slacker and craft in the middle of the night and now have to get glamour shot at oh….midnight.
(I ALWAYS try to take my pictures with natural sunlight! nothing beats it!!!)
but when push comes to shove and you are up a creek sometimes you have to diy yourself a light box…..
and since space is skint….it folds up flat!!!
start with two foam core boards found at dollar store…
the three pieces (two sides and a back) are all cut to size with the two sides cutting out the middle
add a little tracing paper so it’s transparent…
then you tape the sides to the back…
the bottom and the top are not attached. just placed underneath and laid across the top….
you can add another window at the top..but i don’t have a lamp that reaches that high so i didn’t
and you get way better results if you use two lamps! DSC01824
here’s what a light box does:
instead of just putting a lamp next to the project (which casts shadows)
or using flash which always makes everything look weird.
it makes it so the entire box is enveloped in bright light…perfect for picture taking!
you can also drape some fun fabric for a backdrop
and the best part….just collapse and fold it up (like a z) and i store mine behind the couch until the next time i procrastinate!
you can buy light boxes as well!!! but i’m cheap and a $3 light box beats a $30 light box any old day! photography week a girl and a glue gun



About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.


  1. Thanks for the detailed instructions. I’ve been meaning to make a light box for about a year now, but have never got around to it. The light box sure makes a difference in lighting and I need to have that for blogging in the winter when it is so annoying that the sun has set by the time I get home from work which means I have trouble with the lighting for my photos.

  2. This is so helpful. I haven’t posted many pictures on my blog yet, but after reading this I feel like I can actually post something that doesn’t look like crap. Now if I only find time to make one…

  3. SO GREAT! making one of these has been on my to do list forever!!! I love the idea of a collapsible one, because we have no space… Loving this week :o)

  4. Omg thank you so much for this post!! All the blog tips out there always say to take great pictures and always use natural light. Well when you work a full time job at those hours that means almost everything happens at 7pm or later in my blogging world. I had thought of making a light box before but none of them seemed simple enough to actually get me to execute it. This one I can do and the fact that it folds flat is awesome! Thanks Kimbo!

    Whit @ The Busy Broad

  5. Great! I’ll do it! Thanks!


  6. Great idea and great tutorial! It’s been on my to -do list for a while…
    I’d love you to share it on The Crafeteria’s Pinterest Group Board

  7. Do you think you could use wax/ parchment paper in place of tracing paper?

  8. A simple and effective light box, might have to make me one of these for the same reason – I’m always leaving things to the last minute and having to take photos in bad lighting! One question though – I thought you would have to use a ‘daylight’ light bulb to avoid your pictures looking yellow. Do you use a normal light bulb for your lighting?

  9. What a great idea! I built mine out of a really large cardboard box, but think I might just have to ditch it for a fold up one! Great idea!


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