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holy old…memo board

this post is about two years old…..so excuse the crap pictures…
and it was done for the diy club…basically i got a bunch of free stuff and i had to try to use as much of it as i could…so that’s why there are a ton of links!
i had this bulletin board…that i recovered at the beginning of my craft blog…
but recently (edited to add..not recently at all)..it took a fall….and off came the frame..
i found this awesome light burlap

so i ripped off the fabric

and hot glued that crap right on!

i got this awesome nagoya stencil from cutting edge (my husband calls it the pittsburg steeler stencil)

I laid out my board…

and covered it in some white paint from americana.

(for the record…i don’t see the steelers–do you?)

after it dried…i decided to add a little something something…

this cute little stencil and the color sea glass (both from americana)
(see glass is my favorite color ever–its what i painted my ikea speakers)

i outlined them with a sharpie just to make them pop a little bit more…

so cute! i added some twine from canvas corp (that i braided together to make it thick enough to hold up the board) then i gorilla glued it right to the back!


  1. It looks amazing! So pretty :)

  2. What an awesome make-over. I bet you love flea markets & thrift stores. I think it is a gift to look at what most people would just say , “it’s junk”, or “time for the trash” and give something a brand new life. You are a Rembrandt with a glue gun!!! :D

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