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bandana pillow cover

{happy 4th of july}!!!!

today we’ve got a bandana pillow…
bandana pillow

this little sucker was pretty easy! i went to joanns and bought a 20x 20 pillow form (if you wanted to use EVERY bit of the bandanas you would totally need the 24 x24 one…) and two bandanas (one for front and one for back) DSC00287

rights sides together you sew around leaving an opening… pillowcase bandana

turn it right sides out and stuff…(i ALWAYS make my pillowcases a tinsy bit smaller than the pillow–i want it to be nice and snug inside…no extra fabric)


then i just pin it close and sew (hand stitch looks nicer..but sewing machine is faster…

so choose your poison)



bandana pillow 6 this is actually going with this pillow (it’s my daughters color scheme for her new room

heat transfer vinyl

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