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jewelry/hairbow holder

I had bunco at my house a few months ago–and i like to diy my own prizes.
cause i’m dumb.
but i thought it would be super fun to make a jewelry holder as a prize…
and a hair crap holder.
start with some old frames–BUY at the thrift shop–you don’t want glass and they sell just frames for a couple dollars!
just needs some paint to make it pretty…
(and glaze if that tickles your fancy!) i had to make these pretty generic colors seeing how it had to appeal to the masses)
then you find a chicken coop and steal the wire…
or go to lowes or home depot and buy some..
i got a huge roll—i’ve made 4 of these so far and haven’t ¬†used half of it yet (it’s about $8)
you snip it to size and hot glue each little piece….to make it nice and taut.
then you load it up…
if you are looking for some jewelry how-tos…go HERE
and if you are looking for hair crap..go HERE DSC015392
i bought some s hooks for necklaces or headbands…
and you can turn it either way…
you can also use it as a message board (like this one!)


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