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the dentist office…



back story: i used to work at a kids dentist office. my mother in law is the office manager..and my sister in law was the front desk–and she had a baby…and we kinda did this swap where she would work the mornings and i worked the afternoons. I loved it…it was super fun (not as much fun as blogging) but then i had my last baby and stopped cause…well…kids are a time suck.


anyways..it’s the cutest kids dentist office that you have ever seen! (if you are in pocatello, idaho make sure you schedule an appointement! called denistry for kids!)


and recently the dentist decided to open up an office in rexburg…and i get the awesome opportunity to decorate it.

which means A. i’m in completely over my head.

B. i’ll probably be a sucky blogger til i’m done

c. i’ll probably have a few bald spots when it’s all said and done.



what i’m trying to get around to is i want to show you their cute office–some of these pictures are old….and blurry…but i think you get the main jist!

photo 1 (4)

the waiting room… kims camera 066 kims camera 126

kims camera 127 kims camera 128




kims camera 130 kims camera 134 kims camera 135 kims camera 136

DSC06327 DSC06328 kims camera 139


the GIANT toothfairy (she lights up)

kims camera 062 kims camera 108


the girl’s bathroom…(the toothfairy’s dressing room)


kims camera 109

DSC06308 DSC06310 DSC06312 DSC06313 DSC06315 DSC06317 DSC06318 DSC06319

the boy bathroom


kims camera 063 kims camera 064 kims camera 140


where you pick your prize…the little heart door opens up..and it’s all lighted on the inside.



kims camera 015

where you brush your teeth…

photo 3 kims camera 057

what we call the “sixth” chair. just a little room to have a quick exam… (and for the screaming kids..ie. my youngest born)

DSC06332 kims camera 059

almost makes you want to go get your teeth clean doesn’t it!

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Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.


  1. Tiffany ♥ M says:

    That office is tooooooooo cute! I’d go there!

  2. What kid wouldn’t want to go to visit the dentist with an office like this? I’m sure the new office will be equally fabulous with your amazing skills!

  3. Heather D says:

    Ummmm that is amazing. I might drive over from Indiana to get my teeth worked on.

  4. Jenna Colson says:

    When I taught first grade in Poky, we would take one of our field trips to Dr. McWhorter’s office! I wish that adult Dentist Offices looked more like that one!! PLUS, Dr. McWhorter wasn’t too bad on the eyes (just sayin)! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for his new office…I’m sure it’s going to be even funner than the Poky one!!! GOOD LUCK!! You’re going to do FABULOUS!

  5. Wow! I would love to go to this dentist. Great waiting room

  6. So creative. How in the world are you going to redecorate? What theme are you looking at? Where is the tooth fairy going? Soo many questions. 🙂 Good luck!

  7. Holy crap! This place is awesome! I have never seen anything like it! So fun!

  8. What a fun project that will be for you!?! The office in the pictures is the coolest kid’s dentist I’ve ever seen!

  9. Think you are going to get to channel your inner Dr. Seuss!! How much fun, I am sure you will do a brilliant job, can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  10. That’s absolutely amazing!! Now trying to figure out how I can make myself look young enough to attend a children’s dentist (I don’t want to buy the flights to the US until I’ve figured that out first- that would be silly.)

    Katie xx


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