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mod podge photo transfer to fabric awesomeness

I got to try out a new product… at first i was a little confused on what to do with it…then i watched this video and it just all made sense! ideas were a swimmin…and i thought..i’m going to need a bigger bottle…

It’s called Mod Podge photo transfer medium…

and today i’m using to transfer a picture to fabric

photo transfer

shirt with necklace


basically it can take an image…photo..what have you..

and place it on wood, glass, fabric

pretty awesome right!? You could easily turn something normal into something personalized and special!

a few things before we get started..

must be a photocopied (so no photographs won’t be harmed in the making of this craft) (dry toner–i just went to staples and asked them to do it just to be safe)

and if you are using something with words..the image needs to be flipped.

okay. ready to get started? since you can’t really talk i will assume you said yes….

I had a basic idea of what i wanted to do.

scrolled through google to find my image…and printed it out
61767016-01 (1)

here were my close seconds (and thirds and fourths and fifths…)
PicMonkey Collage necklaces

I’m a sale shopper..and snagged a ton of downeast shirts for kids in all colors for a low price. so i just ransacked my daughters room and found one.. mod podge supply

then comes the only real time consuming part…you got to cut around all the flowers. luckily…it was going on a white shirt…so the little white specks that are left will blend in….


so if this is going on a hot pink shirt…you would want to cut it all out perfectly…(yeah..in between the links and everything! think about this before picking an image…some might want to make you scream!)


this next part is tricky to explain…(seriously..go watch the video. i’m a visual person and once i saw it i totally got it)

but you are going to coat the cut out necklace with mod podge (almost until you can’t see the image…

(no pictures..cause i was working FAST!) then without touching the mod podge you flip it onto the item (like my shirt) and press it down and get rid of any excess….

Then you let it sit for 24 hours.


oh the anticipation! i hate it!

after 24 hours..you take a sponge and rub away the paper…it will reveal your image..



it’s like magic. and it’s addicting. so fun to see the reveal!!!!

word to wise: i started with just a little scrap image and scrap fabric to make sure my technique was good…


this photo transfer to fabric is awesome! i loved how it turned out! necklace 2


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