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scotch duct tape

so i got sent a bunch of scotch  duct tape…..
i love tape.
(isn’t that monster kind to die for)
it’s almost as awesome as hot glue.
instant results kinda thing!
anyways…i wanted to make a fun halloweeny thing…
so i came up with this:

i made “sheets” of tape…i layered four strips….
and overlapped four strips on top..
then cut the triangle shape
you can repeat with other colors…and even add stripes!
i did the monsters two ways: the same as above…and then i cut some monsters out and stuck them to the black…

i also cut out stripes and polka dots.
then i took some jute

and a piece of tape…and just connected it along the top

and then hang!

i decorated the upper half of my chalkboard wall while my girls decorated the lower half….

we then made some fun masks…..

 cut out of tape sheets….

 then i just taped on strings to the side…

and if you need even more fun duct tape ideas…check out my pinterest board HERE

***I was given scotch color and pattern duct tape for free from 3M. but the opinions about how awesome they are 100% mine.***


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