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halloween scallop skirt…

okay…i posted about this skirt i made for my daughter on instagram and facebook…
every friday is spirit day at school…and the kids are supposed to wear as much orange and black… (which is way there is a tiger paw on the pocket)
and my daughter wanted something to wear…
so i dug in my stash and pulled out this cute fabric..
and we sat down and came up with a plan..
and i started sewing..
and she went to bed..and i finished it…
and she woke up..
and hated it.
dude. nine year olds suck.
let me just say that she is getting no surprises for christmas cause i don’t trust myself to buy her anything without her approval.
i miss the days of dressing her up like a doll….
i still like it…and i made her pose for me anyways….
here’s the fun trick that i thought made me so clever…..
(nine year old still didn’t care)
it’s double layered…so you can flip over the underneath layer 

and make it so the orange peeks out…
or you can flip the elastic down and make it so no orange shows 
(i would add a belt to it if she was wearing it)
still hates it….
pockets are to big…

 and the skirt was too puffy. (is that such a thing? too puffy!?)

the scallops were made using two orange rectangles…bottom cut out scalloped shape…and then sewed together right sides together…
then you snip around to make sure the scallops lay flat and turn it right sides out and iron it flat
(if you want to know the how to on curved go here

 you know…for not liking it…she wore it all day after i took pictures….just saying..


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