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front door fun with kids (aka kid craft monday)

it’s october…finally. i mean…i’m still in july mentally.

but it’s really october. and i can finally put up halloween crap….

and i saw this cute door on pinterest (sorry lara..i mean from a blog that got pinned on pinterest) and i thought it would be perfect for my kids to recreate….

i gave my kids full rein to decorate the fronch porch  (fronch porch…that is what i get for writing posts late at night) (which made me crazy cause i’m totally a control freak)
but they did great…

they cut out the pieces and taped them up…
(i traced my daughters with chalk and helped her with the scissors)

and we took a trip to the dollar store to get fake spiders and a rat…and a crow…and some gravestones…..

 (more goofy than scary–the teeth reminded us of mater.

and did you know that picmonkey has a whole halloween section?

 it’s addicting…just saying.

 anyways…the kids did a great job!!!!

i also just found this adorable mummy door…
next year for sure!


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