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cute tiered skirt that only took me two years to do…

so i bought this fabric it was for $3 and then 50% off red tag at joanns. so i got it for $1.50. two.years.ago. i thought it would be so cute as a skirt (and wasn’t I right?)  a year later…i bought more (unintentionally…i forgot about the first yard i bought)  then about 6 months ago i found a cream of it….so i bought a yard of that…

and can you guess what i made? a skirt (two actually)
my girls got them for christmas.
and can you guess when i made them?
christmas eve is about accurate.

the big girl skirt is made of 5 layers..9 inches high.  (i cut 6 and used the last one for the bows)

I took a rectangle piece of black fabric and hemmed the bottom..(I think about a half yard and i didn’t trim it at all..so half yard by 44 inches.

then i folded each strip of polka dot material in half…ran a loose stitch ….

gathered it up until it fit across the rectangle

then i pinned it on and sewed….
(does this sound familiar? i used this same technique when i made these fancy pancy aprons)
just keep swimming….layering it goes pretty quick..the larger size skirt only has 5 layers and this guazy material really ruffles fast.

so i get here…with all 5 ruffles sewed on..and i have no black elastic (joanns was sold out)
so i did what i did best (no i didn’t hot glue it) i pulled a tim gunn and made it work.

i had about 4-5 inches left along the top…so hemmed the very top and folded it down and covered up the seam of the last stitching.

I sewed it right alond the bottom…

then i took some boring old thin white elastic, added a safety pin and threaded it through…

then i just sewed the two sides together so it only has one seam in the back…

then,  i added some giant flowers (cause i had that last layer left) (tutorial for the big flower is HERE) i added them with pins cause i wasn’t sure daughter number 1 would love them..(she does)

okay baby’s skirt (who is turning 4 and i can’t really call her that anymore)
I made the same basic way..smaller layers and more of a ruffle so it’s a bit fluffier…

I literally got this far and thought, “this is cute, i could just do a black skirt with one ruffle”

I did happen to have black elastic for her…

sewed it right on top….

and right sides together sew up the back seam (make sure each ruffle is laying down where it should be)

i don’t know about you…but ruffles make me happy….
i love that they match…but are not the same!!!

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