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star wars mat

In a galaxy far far away (my brain)–I decided to make a star wars mat.

and I went and bought black felt ….

and some yellow for the trim…

then i took some white paint…

and made some stars (paint was slightly watered down…and it will soak through the felt so make sure you have tarp underneath it…)

then I sat…

and cut out the star wars logo…
and sat
and sat..
and googled
and scratched my head.
I know nothing about star wars

(I actually talk about it HERE on my star wars picture)

but i wasn’t doing people..this was a place for the people to play…
or urh.fight?
and the only thing i could name was the millenium falcon.
so I turned to my blog family on facebook and asked for help!
and got EXACTLY what I needed! a list of of planets and places that were the most important to star wars…

(thank you ladies!!!!!)

“My husband agrees and would rank them in order of importance as , Tatooine (in every movie but Empire), the Death Star, millenium falcon, Naboo, Cloud City, Endor (for Ewoks), and the capital city”
so i wookiepedia it (yes.. WOOKIEpedia)
and found me some pictures…
and tried to recreate it in felt…
but you know…i wanted something a little more mature…
so I used my sharpie to add dimension..
just lightly using it to add shadow

i did add some felt…then came in behind it and just added some contrast…

with all my felt mats: I cut all the main pieces and then hot glue once i have put them on a bazillion times until i figure out a way i like it….

I needed something red…..so i added a planet…..sue me. or George Lucas can sue me….

and this is what i would like to think is capital city? maybe not? i can’t remember..but it was an important space stop station fuel up thing…maybe? lol..just when I thought I was learning..

the original picture:
and the pieces all together:
the back even comes with pockets to stick those tiny tinyyyyyy swords and guns
dear makers of kids toys,
why do you hate us? Does it really have to be the size of a crumb to be cool?
love, moms.


or you could flip the whole thing and play on the back if they need room to battle



the present:

and as always..
it folds up pretty small

Now..I have seen on pinterest (where i spend the majority of my free time) that people aren’t so sure about hot glue and felt..

maybe the comment of “i’ll probably sew it to make it more permanent..” has been said a time or too..
and sewing is fine…looks nice.
and spend triple the time doing it…
so i am here to show you that felt and hot glue are a match made in adhesive heaven…..

if you want to go totally crazy:

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