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can i be totally out of character?

and be kinda serious…

it’s hard for me. (even if i’m only being kinda )

but i have a question…..
and i would like an answer….


do you like them?

check the box

oh. i don’t have a box.

then go over to the side and cast your vote…
i just don’t want my blog to get clogged down with giveaways….but if you really really love them i will continue to do them in the future!

sometimes I get emails from people wanting to do giveaways for all sorts of things….i mean..totally random stuff….

and i try to keep it pretty craft oriented…

but sometimes i just wonder if it’s worth it?! i dunno. you have to keep promoting it…then remembering to pick a winner and let the winner know and then repicking a winner when they don’t email you back and i knowitjustsoundslikeai’mcomplainingandit’sreallyhardtotypeandnotusespaces.

and ironically, i have decided to do a giveaway when i reach 4000! lol. But it’s different…it’s a giveaway of my own personal crap. cause sometimes i make way too much stuff and it sits on my desk…so why not spread the christmas thanksgiving cheer and give you all a chance to win some crap.

(you can follow me right over here on the left. no, your left. no..your other left.)

movieing on (left that spelling mistake on purpose…i was trying to talk to my husband about what movie we are going to watch and that came out)

(and omigosh we watched fast five. )
great movie.

but i literally laughed out loud when i realized it was supposed to be the same place as this movie..

talk about your different point of view!

PINTEREST (yes, i’m talking about pinterest again)

i have some words of wisdom when we are pinning.
if you use pinterest like me, you bookmark it so you can go back to it and rip it off –i mean use it as inpiration….and sometimes you click on it and it takes you to the blog. the home page.

(like www.kimboscrafts.blogspot.com)

and you have to totally start searching to find the pin you pinned in the first place.

so, when pinning, make sure you are linked up directly (the blog address will look something like this…

I tell you this for two reasons:

i have shout out sundays (coming tomorrow if you are new–or confused as to what day it is)

and i get a lot of people pinning stuff from there. and if it’s not directly linked to that post than people who repin and the people who repin that repin think i make it when they are directly linked to my blog.

which is fine. i need all the help i can get.

only jokes. i link up each shout outs to their proper blog/crafter cause they are amazing and should  receive all the credit! so it makes me feel bad when people give me the credit.

do you want to know the two pictures i get the most emails (and etsy orders) for?

and this football onesie from THIS etsy shop
and here’s my second reason:
i’m currently making pillows up the wazzooo for my daughters room.
and found the cutest pillow on pinterest.
and followed the link to the CUTEST BLOG
and it was the blog homepage.
and this blog was just a blog that linked to pretty images…(and gave credit) so it was full of awesomeness.
so i then spent the next two hours scrolling through trying to find the pillow.
and i did.
and found the true source for the blog
and it wasn’t a pillow….it was a martha stewart tissure pom that they had placed on the bed for a photo op.
awesome sauce.

so, just a little  advice…link it up directly to the source..that way everyone gets a little pinterest love…

(crafterminds just wrote a post on pinterest etiquette….) totally interesting..

and did you know i added a food crap board (titled, hopefully not CRAPPY food)

and did you also know you can blog stalk your own blog and see what people are pinning from your website

just change out my blog for yours….

it’s a nice pat on the back.

okay. that’s all..giveaways..vote..we all pinterest..rio…food is good. the end.

oh…happy birthday daddy!

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