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eyeball necklace

this was a guest post LAST halloween..and i’ve been saving it in my inbox for a whole year.
so it might be old to some of you…
but then again..if your memory is like mine…
you will have forgotten it!
eyeball jewelry

I’ve been kinda obsessed with eyeballs recently
(I’m sure it will go away once Halloween is over)

Today I decided to use my handy dandy glue gun and whip me out an adjustable eyeball necklace/bracelet. (with no jewelry materials needed.) (well, except for beads….but no pliers or crimp beads or any of that nonsense!)
Had a bag of white ball beads just sitting there from another project and thought they would look like eyeballs with a bit of embellishment. I tried coloring on it with sharpie but they rubbed off. So I dipped into my felt scraps.
I cut circles in green. smaller circles in black and little rectangles in white.
(I had to do green eyeballs..everyone in my family has blue eyes and I’m the only that has green…so I kinda feel like I’ve got to represent!)
(Look, I painted my nails. It’s a rare occasion.)
this is the white rectangle. I take it and pull the end and twist it so it goes to a point.
then I hot glue on the green piece (my fingers are over the holes of the bead)
then add black
and guess what? yup, you’ve done this before….add the white.
when you get all your balls done….
I got some black ribbon…and melted the end with a match to make it easy to thread through the bead…
I tied a knot in between each eyeball…
Then I took some puff paint.
and added some gross squiggles. (yeah, it was cute until I added that..took it to the gross level. this is when my son came in and said “Awesome”
I did one side, and waited for it to dry and then turned it over.
I just left my ribbon long and use it to tie it up….
you can either tie it on your wrist…..
or re-adjust it and tie it around your neck….
i know. kinda gross in a cool way. It’s going to accessorize my halloween outfit. And I would love to show you it…but I haven’t even started it. So maybe I will just be wearing the necklace.
(I mean not JUST the necklace,  I would have my regular clothes on too….just nothing festive for Halloween– geez, get you mind out of the gutter!)

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