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cricut love. opposites attract and MORE scal

This one is one of my favorites!
 does the cursive and block letters…and I use it for almost all of my menu boards

I’m selling them again in case you are interested!!!! (go HERE)

I did this vinyl project on my husband’s bike helment
awesome nickname (not)

the A and B is from the circle cut out…
and these from my summer fun envelope

this frame shows all the fonts that this one does.

  House Rules, be nice, listen to mom, don’t fight or hit, take turns, share, talk nice…are all from this cartridge.

so let’s turn our attention to SCAL.
I’m loving it.
anyone else?
(if you haven’t bought one go HERE for a killer deal)
I have just sat there and played with it
just toyed with it so I can figure things out. I can read all about it…but I’m better with hands on.
the MOST important thing I have learned so far is :
how to ungroup and then weld back together.
see the g thanks up there….i ungrouped all the letters in thank…put them so they were touching and then welded them back together so I can cut them as one piece..
and then to 2 c….that whole section is a must. really gets you oriented with your scal.
i should name my scal. any suggestions? tamara just came to mind. not entirely sure why…
here is a  cute thing i have come across:
you know those adorable butterfly specimen art?
well I just saw a butterfly punch.
for 20 dollars.
or you could use your scal and cut them…for free.
yeah. option b it is. and you can do whatever size you want. double bonus.
I copy and pasted them to make sure they were all the same size.
I learned how to do AUTO Fill from scrapping table..
makes it so it it will fill your mat with all the same size thing (like the butterflies)
you can go HERE
then down to 2 F
keep scrolling down f to see the best way to take up the least amount of space
(you know waste not want not.) (that’s the hoarder in my talking)
I also got to use scal for my menu boards.

it’s a little overwhelming. I just want to use ALL my fonts and then dowload some more!
okay. my only hiccup was connecting the cricut to the computer.
the back of the cricut.
I don’t know about you but my usb cables aren’t that size.
I literally was about to throw on shoes and go buy one.
my husband says this, “i bet the printer cable would fit.”
yup. I knew I kept him for a reason (oh you know..besides the finicial supporting me and the whole love part.)
scrapping table goes over specifically the correct way to hook it up
go here
and then go to 1 e. connecting.
someone asked me a question about the cricut suing scal….
and one of my awesome commenters answered for me
Just Jenae said…

I have SCAL already (an old hat if you will) They already settled with Make the Cut and it will no longer work with updated versions of the cricut. So I think if you don’t update the program or the cricut it should keep on working. But if you update one or the other they won’t be able to communicate with each other anymore. SCAL is in the middle of this lawsuit still, so you are still able to get it to work. As if you needed another reason to get it NOW! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So we will see if they will settle. There is another one as well called fairy cut? I think. Anyway this is a comment not a post! lol (I have to remind myself sometimes.)

thanks! i love when someone loves me and makes it so i don’t have to get google happy.

now..if you have scal….or makes the cut…..or a fav cartridge….let me know any tips tricks or your fav thing to do with it. we are all here to learn no matter what we have.

and look how clever this is…
i tried zooming in to see what cartridges she has but I couldn’t tell…

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