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What’s for dinner?

oh, dinner. Just like laundry..no matter how many times you do it it still needs to be done.
And i am horrible at planning out dinners.
My kids are starting to hate Mac and cheese.
Which is why this idea is the bestest idea ever.
And that is why all my sisters got together to make one.
12×12 frame (mine has a back attached to it), paper, and a clear calendar(see bottom of the post for details)
magnetic primer
(it’s on the more expensive side..but worth it! had a problem with the spray paint kind!)
Some magnets
A list of recipes printed out
Prime your frame with the magnet stuff (3 light coats)
And while that is drying….cut out your recipes and mount them on cute paper
(make sure they fit in the squares of the calendar)
You’ll need a piece of paper for the background.
(My sister is aspiring to be a hand model…isn’t she great!)
Once the paint is dry…paint over the outside edge with paint that matches your paper.
WE used this kind of paint:
Okay you can’t really tell what paint…just wanted to get another hand picture in there.
And while that is drying laminate your recipes and adhere your magnets to the back.
(to laminate I use packaging tape..quick and easy and perfect for your little squares!)
seriously, this girl is amazing…
I tried to use the magnets that you get from all the local business but they were too thin and wouldn’t stick so great. So I  opted out for the heavier duty ones.
When everything is dry. You lay down your paper, your calendar and it should fit pretty snug.
Turns out the back of my frame was pretty bowed…the frame and back were all one piece…so I ran to Home Depot (well, drove acually) and got a sheet of 8×12 metal flashing and hot glued it behind than put it all down….my sister bought a frame that had a removable back so she didn’t run into this problem.
This baby was only 96 cents. Sierras have 12×12 of the exact same stuff for 6.99 a piece.

Then you just add your days with dry erase marker.

Stick on your recipes.

Store any remaining recipes around the edge. (or in an envelope on the back (go HERE to see it)

And never think again about it all month.

I sit down and load it up..then when I get ready to grocery shop I just glance at it and write down what I will need….

I love that I can just look at it and know if I need to pull out some chicken to thaw….
and I ALSO love that if we need to switch something around..(like say maybe you forget to buy hamburger buns) You just move it! I ALSO LOVE IT! LOVE IT VLOE VLVLELOVEOVELOVE.

My sister had the same frame as me…she just put a piece of magnet on each day instead of the magnet sheet behind it (you could also use velcro!)
Dinner is served!!!

(if anyone would like to hire my sister for some hand modeling…please email me for details)

In CURRENT NEWS: I’ve gotten a lot of emails about where I got my clear plastic calendar sheet. Well to disappoint you all….I got it at Sierras. Come to find out, there are not very many Sierras around. I saw one at a local scrapbooking store…and I have heard through blogger town that someone found one online for a little more money than I spent (mine was $2.99.) good luck if you are searching for one! wish I had better news for you!

AND EVEN CURRENTER NEWS someone awesome just emailed in and said she found them through oriental trading..


$5 for 16 sheets..(but that doesn’t include shipping!!!)

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