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ABC Wall

So, I happened to be at a craft store (I know…crazy right?) and they were downsizing and had a big sale on all the things they would no longer carried in their store. And right in the middle of the store was a big rack full of letters. Every shape and every size. (not every color…I did that later) 

LOVE a good sale. And I couldn’t resist. So I sat there and thought…what possible craft or saying could I do and what letters would I need. And it hit me….an ABC wall for my son’s room. I was just redecorating it and had a big blue wall that needed something special.  So I sat down on the floor and started digging. I had letters laid out all around me…I had to lay it all out because I didn’t want like 4 BIG letters right in a row. I’m sure I  got a few looks…(okay more than a few).

There were lots of x,y,z,w,v,u so I really had to shovel to find all the letters. When it was all said and done I actually had to buy the A and the T full price and flip a W to make an M….but waaallllaaa.  I made it for under $7.00. Then I slapped on some paint and actually hot glued it right to the wall….(I wasn’t about to start hammering in all those holes)  Occasionally one falls down….usually when my son throws a ball at it. Buy I think it turned out great.  When we finally out grow it, I think I might donate it to a daycare or something.


  1. Love it. I wanted to do this too, but those letters can be expensive. That is awesome you found them on sale.

  2. love it

  3. Seamingly Smitten says:

    How cute!! My little boy needs this! I don't know if they make ABC cookie cutters but it would also make a cute kid's canvas like the stars and ducks you did. You are crafty!!

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